Nutchies 100g Pack Assorted Flavours

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Comes in a total of 9 flavors.

1. Nutchies - Salted Caramel 100g

Sticky, chewy and roasted golden brown, it always gets messy with this scrumpdiddlyyumptious concoction! Take the bitter-sweetness of warm, luxurious caramel, mix it with the clean tang of pristine sea salt, add an awesome crunch crunch crunch and you will arrive at our Salted Caramel cashew nuts! They say you can’t have too much of a good thing. But go ahead, we won’t tell.

2. Nutchies - Chilli 100g

Looking for something spicy instead? Our red hot Chilli cashew nut is only for the brave nutcrackers who prefers a little sizzle at the tip of their tongues. Pair it up with your favourite cool drink and prepare to extinguish the fire in your mouth!

3. Nutchies - Black Pepper 100g

One of the most popular spices in the world and the Yin to salt’s Yang, this is one flavour that needs no introduction! Our Black Pepper cashew nuts deliver the same distinct deliciousness of freshly grounded black pepper! Flavourful, earthy and with nuanced tones of wood and pine, it even has a kick of spiciness that will leave an invigorating, peppery tingle on your tongue! So what are you waiting for? Try some! CRUNCH. TINGLE. YUM!

4. Nutchies - Creamy Mayo 100g

Usually enjoyed as a condiment, dip or dressing, there is nothing quite like the rich and exquisite taste of mayonnaise. Lovers of this silky-smooth, creamy white sauce will surely find satisfaction in our Creamy Mayo cashew nuts that delivers the same bangin’ flavour but this time with a crunch! Are you craving Mayo? Skip the dip, have a cashew.

5. Nutchies - Cheddar Cheese 100g

This flavour calls for all cheese-lovers out there. If you are into cheese snacks, then why not try our very own cheese snack now in a form of a cashew nut! Grab our Cheddar Cheese cashew nut as your next fun party snack!

6. Nutchies - Golden Corn 100g

Our all-time favourite and No.1 best-seller! You have not tried Nutchies Cashew Nut until you have tried our famous Golden Corn! Coated with natural corn flavour seasoning, our Golden Corn boasts itself as one of the flavours of the original series and still the reigning champ! Now that’s a snack that has a crunch with a punch!

7. Nutchies - Wild Garlic 100g

Used in cuisines all around the world and known for its health benefits, there is no shortage of love for the yummy taste of this bulbous plant! Which is why we’ve come up with our Wild Garlic cashew nuts! Enjoy that strong, spicy-sweet garlicky flavour that you love with the crunch crunch crunch of our signature cashew nuts! We guarantee even vampires will not be able to resist! So tell Dracula: Have a cashew, la!

8. Nutchies - Spaghetti Bolognese 100g

What do you get when you mix the tangy taste of tomato sauce and the rich umami flavours of Parmesan cheese? Why, the veritable taste opera of a combination that the world has come to know and love, of course! But…have you tried it on a cashew nut before? Well, now you can! Try our Spaghetti Bolognese cashew nuts! You’ll be singing about Figaro and Don Giovanni before you know it!

9. Nutchies - Wasabi 100g

Keep your icy-cold Japanese beers and sake handy! You’re going to need them when you sink your teeth into our flamingly flavoursome Wasabi cashew nuts! A handful of these and you’ll be in wasabi heaven; eyes watering and breathing emerald fire! How to put out that fire, you ask? Have another handful and say arigato! You know you want to!


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