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Bright Bots Training Pants Green

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Potty training can be quite an experience, therefore finding the right pair of training pants can make it much easier. BRIGHT BOTS reusable toilet training pants are a perfect start to this learning process for your toddler. How does it work? Reusable toilet training pants, unlike disposable trainers, they allow toddlers to feel the dampness when they wet the pants. When they are made aware, it will reinforce their desire to toilet train as they do not wish to be wet. Well-known for quality, BRIGHT BOTS reusable toilet training pants are made from cotton polyester terry with absorbent wadding and a layer of PUL lining at the crotch area.

Sizes: S(18months, Height 84cm, Waist 52cm, Weight 12kg),
M(2years, Height 92cm, Waist 53cm, Weight 14kg),
L(2 1/2 years, Height 100cm, Waist 54cm, Weight 16kg),
XL(3years, Height 108cm, Waist 55cm, Weight 18kg).