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Granovibes Granola Multi-grain - Taro Root 300g

Granovibes Granola Multi-grain - Taro Root 300g

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Indulge yourself with Granovibes Pumpkin Granola Multi-Grain. This revolutionary granola from Granovibes is not only nutritious and filling -  packed with protein and fiber. Made with selected ingredients and plenty of grains. It is tasty and perfect for breakfast, post-workout or as ice cream or yoghurt toppings.

Granovibes granola is oil free, high in protein and fibre, made with whole plant-based food, 36% nuts and seeds and containing only 1.5% coconut sugar, a Low-Glycemic Sweetener. 160kcal per serving and low sugar.

- Halal Certified
- 100% Real Veggie
- Vegan Friendly
- Quinoa
- Flaxseed
- Chia Seeds

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

Ingredients:  Rolled Oats (49.5%), Taro Roots (10%) Sunflower Seeds (10%), Pumpkin Seeds (10%), Cashew Nuts (10%),  Coconut Milk (2.5%), Quinoa (2%), Chia Seeds (2%), Flaxseed (2%), Coconut Sugar (1.5%), Salt (0.5%)

Allergy Information: Contains Oats and Nuts

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