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Granovibes VE-Pro-Bar [Dark Chocolate] 40g x 6

Granovibes VE-Pro-Bar [Dark Chocolate] 40g x 6

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Protein bars made from clean ingredients - enjoy a healthy, delicious Granovibes Protein Bar anytime, anywhere! Granovibes Protein Bars are convenient, filling and is a nutritious snack that can be taken before your workout for extra boost of energy or after a workout for muscle building and workout recovery!

Dark Chocolate combined with Cashew nuts for a high-protein, guilt-free indulgence. This protein bar is made up mainly of protein powder, oats, nuts and seeds and dark chocolate that creates the taste of a decadent brownie that is sure to please any chocolate lover's craving, with an added bonus of 12 grams of protein.

Ingredients: Protein Powder (60%), Oats (10%), Dark Chocolate (8%), Coconut Milk (5%), Coconut Caramel (5%),  Cashew Nuts (4%), Pumpkin Seeds (4%), Sunflower Seed (4%)

No Eggs, No Added Oil, No Added Sugar, Vegan Dark Chocolate, Vegan Choice

Allergy Information: Contains Oats and Cashew Nuts
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