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INVIVA Premium Fruit Chips 20~30g

INVIVA Premium Fruit Chips 20~30g

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Inviva Singapore

We are the only exclusive seller of Inviva Market products in Singapore.

All products are made using VF technology.

'VF technology' originated from NASA's space food technology. In order to ensure that astronauts shall have sufficient intake of vegetables and fruits to be preserved with natural nutrition, color and taste without any toxic side effects and harmful substances during their long working hours on the space station. 

Inviva Premium Fruit & Vegetable Chips VF

1. Apple Chips 20g

Ingredients: 97% Apple, 2% Palm Oil, 1% Organic Sugar (to prevent browning)

2. Banana Chips 30g

Ingredients: 98% Banana, 2% Palm Oil

3. Kiwi Chips,  20g

Ingredients: 98% Kiwi, 2% Palm Oil

4. Pineapple Chips 20g

Ingredients:98% Pineapple, 2% Palm Oil

5. Strawberry Chips 12g

Ingredients: 100% Strawberry

Expiry: 12 months from manufacturing. Written on Packaging.

Made in Korea.

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