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  • Milk Checker - WERONE
  • Milk Checker - WERONE
  • Milk Checker - WERONE
  • Milk Checker - WERONE
  • Milk Checker - WERONE
  • Milk Checker - WERONE
  • Milk Checker - WERONE
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Milk Checker

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Milkchecker is the first device in the world that accurately and instantly measures the temperature inside the bottle or container containing baby food (eg milk, water, other drinks or cereals, also microwave- heated meals ). The use of Milkchecker allows you to completely control the temperature of food preparation and feeding processes, eliminating the above risks.

Measuring Method:

Infrared Thermometry Display Range: 32-80°C
Green Range: 37-39°C (Safe temperature for babies to consume)
Yellow Range: 39.5-42°C
Red Range: Above 42.5°C

Product details & benefits:
  • Milkchecker is a precise device because it measures the temperature of the liquid in the bottle, not the temperature of the bottle
  • Compatible with all types of bottles, both plastic and glass
  • The device is waterproof, so you can put a bottle on it just after removing it from the water bath. You can adjust the temperature of the water to make up the milk by pouring it directly into the bottle placed on the device, without fear of milking the Milkchecker
  • starts immediately, automatically, does not require any additional switching on 
  • Measuring the temperature of milk does not require any other action, apart from putting the bottle on the stand
  • Battery Size: AA x 2 (Alkaline)
  • Battery Life: 6 Months