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NutriBran 100% Pure Brown Rice Powder Instant - 300g

NutriBran 100% Pure Brown Rice Powder Instant - 300g

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This NutriBran 100% Pure Brown Rice Instant Powder is a friend of your heart, blood and digestive system. It is easily digested, hypoallergenic and a vegetarian source of nutrients. Friendly to those sensitive to milk, wheat and soy.

NutriBran is freshly produced by unbroken brown rice which is sourced directly from the paddy fields.

Contains 17 natural micronutrients that are vital for the human body to fight against cell mutation. It is high in Maganese - a natural mineral that builds cartilage. Also high in natural B-Vitamins which effectively transform foods into energy. This NutriBran 100% Pure Brown Rice Powder is best consumed before exercise/gym.

Add a few tablespoons into your daily grain drinks to enjoy top 5 whole-grains benefits: suitable for those with high cholestrol, high blood sugar & blood pressure, protect the heart, improve digestive system and maintain ideal weight.

Suitable for: Stressful people, those with poor physical strength, 6-months to 100 years old.

Ingredients: Brown Rice Powder 100%

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Sugar Free
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