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Pure-Eat Hallabong Juice 90mlx10 Bundle

Pure-Eat Hallabong Juice 90mlx10 Bundle

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Official Pure-Eat Singapore Distributor ( on instagram)

Hallabong Juice 90ml ea. Does not come with box.

Ingredients: Jeju Tangerine Concentrate Juice(Tangerine100%, Jeju)97%, Jeju Hallabong Concentrate Juice(Hallabong100%, Jeju)3%

Storage: Please store out of direct sunlight, high temperatures and high humidity. Once opened, consume as soon as possible, for this product absorbs moisture quickly.

Nutritional Information: Please refer to picture.

Expiry Date: 10 Months from manufacturing date. Please refer to packaging.

Caution as below:

"*The red-brown particles in the product are made naturally when processing the ingredients without hampering the quality, make sure to shake well before consuming. 

*Do not consume if the container is deformed, expanded or damaged, for the contents may be spoilt.

*Be careful not to be cut by sharp edges or the opening region.


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