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Pure-Eat Rice Corn Ball Snack 25g from Korea

Pure-Eat Rice Corn Ball Snack 25g from Korea

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Official & Sole Pure-Eat Singapore Distributor ( on instagram)

Suitable for kids and adults.

Recommended 12 months and above.

Organic Rice Corn Ball Snack.

Crunchy and extremely tasty! A great healthy snack!

Cheese (taste like cheese balls!!):

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice(Korea)61%, Corn Flakes(Australia, Brazil, Russia, etc.), Raw Sugar, Mixed Cheese Powder[Natural Cheese(U.S., Australia)22.5%]4.9%, Honey Cheese Seasoning[Compound Cheese Powder3.46%, Cheddar Cheese Powder3.23%]4.4%, Sugar Processed Food, Salt, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 Contains milk, soybean, wheat

Chocolate (taste like milo balls!):

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice(Korea)49%, Raw Sugar, Corn Flakes(Australia, Brazil, Russia, etc.), Whole Milk Powder(Korea), Other Cocoa Processed Food 1[Cocoa Powder22%, Chocolate Powder1%]4.6%, Other Cocoa Processed Food 2[Cocoa Powder19.64%, Chocolate Flake3.3%]4.6%, Sugar Processed Food1%, Salt, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 

Milk (tasty!):

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice(Korea)55.5%, Raw Sugar, Corn Flakes(Australia, Brazil, Russia, etc.), Whole Milk Powder(Korea)8.1%, Other Processed Food 1[Milk Serum Powder(Milk100%), Mixed Milk Powder]2.3%, Other Processed Food 2, Salt, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2  Includes milk, soybean, wheat

Storage: Please store out of direct sunlight, high temperatures and high humidity. Once opened, consume as soon as possible, for this product absorbs moisture quickly.

Nutritional Information: Please refer to picture.

Expiry Date: Written on Package

Caution as below:

*This product did not use an acidity regulator and can have the unique smell of grains at different seasons.

*This product is processed in a facility processing products with peanut, soy bean, wheat, crab, shrimp, milk, tomato and walnut.

*Please check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients before consuming.

*If the child swallows without chewing, the snack can get stuck in the throat, so make sure you look over your child until he/she finishes it.

*The desiccant in the product is not edible.

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