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Doodle Dat Large Reusable Colouring Mat by Erda Ally – World Map

Doodle Dat Large Reusable Colouring Mat by Erda Ally – World Map

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Help your child learn about Continents, Famous Landmarks and The Seven Wonders of the World all in one fun colouring mat.

At A3 size, this is a great mealtime placemat. Encourage discussions over meal times about the Machu Picchu or the Taj Mahal. With over 100 hand-drawn landmarks & animals from around the globe get your child excited about the Ancient pyramids and the Eiffel Tower, or use it as a conversation starter about your past trips.

As an additional activity, this mat includes our signature search and find box.

Wash the mat clean in the sink and your little traveller can start a new colourful art journey once more.

 Pair our Mat with the 5 stars rated book “The world around me” by Charlotte Guillain

Step out your front door and begin a journey of discovery around the world! Fold-out the richly illustrated pages of this expansive accordion-fold book to clamber over mountain ranges, trek through jungles, and sail across vast seas. Spot wildlife, visit amazing cities, experience different cultures, and see famous landmarks as you whiz by.

Even adults will enjoy reading this beautiful and informative book.

Pens can be purchased seperately

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