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The Girls

The Girls

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Four little girls meet under an apple tree and form a bond that grows as they share secrets, dreams, worries and schemes. This beautifully illustrated tale charts the girls' lives through ups and downs and laughter and tears. Find out how their friendship flourishes as the years pass by and the girls become women.

This book is suitable for children and Adults.

Beside reading it out to your little ones, telling them no matter what happens and their differences in personalities or characters, when mummy or daddy is not around at some point in life, they should watch out for each other just like the girls in the book.

If you have messages that you would like to relay to your best friends on your friendship.

This book definitely sends a powerful message to your girlfriends that no matter what happens, you will be there for them and appreciate their friendship. Sounds corny, but definitely sweet. :)

Pages 32

By Lauren Ace


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