Celebrating Successful Women at WERONE - Featuring Candice | OurProgeny

Celebrating Successful Women at WERONE - Featuring Candice | OurProgeny

Interview with Candice, Co-Founder of OurProgeny

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career background?

Co-founder of OurProgeny, full-time working mom in the financial services industry, Mother of a < 2-year-old cheeky boy.

Tell us about your business?

At OurProgeny, we have carefully selected curated fun heirloom toys, essentials, design decorations from quality stores around the world. We hope the toys and essentials bring joy and style that will grow and last in our journey with our little ones. We aim for quality, curated, safe and creative products for babies and children.

What inspired you to start your business?          

My little one and passion to start a little project as I have always wanted to explore an alternative passive income outlet. Hence, we started this during the circuit breaker period when I was trying to source curated unique heirloom toys for my little one while extending the deals to fellow mummies.

Tell us about your family?

We are a family of 3 currently. Our son was delivered in a perfectly timed way on 10/10! He had brought so much joy and laughter in our life (though he drives us nuts sometimes). We are still learning to manage our little boss when managing the work and the never-ending housework.

What do you find the most rewarding about being a Mumpreneur?

When fellow mummies and customers feedback that they love the products that we carry and they had an enjoyable shopping experience with us. We also count our blessings to everyone that we have forged friendships with fellow customer mummies and other brands Mumpreneurs, supporting and encouraging one another. Thank you to fellow mummies who have recommended our products to their friends.

How do you manage running your business and family life?

Time-management, perseverance, and positivity are key. Also, supportive family members and friends who support plays an important role (being your cheerleader during your UPs and Downs)

What is the biggest business challenge you encountered in your business and how did you overcome it?

Stock inventories. Most of our heirloom toys are hand-crafted, which could take longer lead waiting times due to current unstable shipping situations that might delay deliveries.

What three bits of advice would you give to a mum wanting to start her own business?

  • Commitment of time, effort, and capital
  • Mental Preparation (Calculated risk, manage own risk appetite, etc)
  • Differentiation strategy

I would advise fellow mummies who want to start to have mental preparations that this is a big commitment of time, constant efforts, and capital. A large part of the time is used advertising on social media and not as glamorous as what other entrepreneurs portray. Hence, time management and perseverance are key. Enjoy what you do! Manage your expectations, if your business takes-off it is a bonus, if not, take it as a learning journey to understand yourself better (better try than never, of cos with calculated risk) and take away lessons. Understand that Rome is not built in one day! Good luck! :)

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