Collection: Wellness Within

This is a story about the birth of Wellness Within. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s real.

For someone who has had eczema all her life, doctors’ visits and words became repetitive. No amount of cream or pills could relieve the disappointment. When she was 6, doctors told her she would outgrow it by 7. When she was 8, doctors told her that her eczema would be done by 12. A quarter-life crisis (assuming we all live to a ripe old age of 100) saw no cure with using steroids. Nothing worked anymore, not even steroids.

What followed thereafter was a living hell. Doctors could not diagnose the red skin syndrome and explain why there were non-stop recurrences of flaky skin and cracked hands. It was painful for sure, but it was a sign that steroids no longer worked because it was causing the never-ending flare-ups.

After being frustrated, exasperated and helpless with what seemed to be prescribed as eczema cures, she switched to natural and organic remedies after reading about the high concentrations of toxic ingredients that go into mainstream eczema creams. It was then she decided she needed to stop accumulating toxins and poisons in her body.

Mainstream skincare products nowadays contain tonnes of man-made artificial chemicals. Research has found some components that are harmful, but what about those chemicals that have no research done on them? Nobody knows what common skincare products will do to the body in the long run, but the least we can do is to stop feeding the body things that are not food. Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine.” We can only treat ourselves well by choosing what we feed our bodies.

But society is so fond of marketing that she got tricked by green washing. Products that claimed to be natural, paraben free or SLS free still contained ingredients that could cause an allergy reaction or was just another harmful replacement for toxic ones. She learnt it the hard way, but in return she gained a valuable lesson of reading into the products.

Our only motivation at Wellness Within is to advocate affordable and effective natural and organic products. Our extremely strict ‘No’ policy applies to the chemical cocktails of parabens, harsh detergents, harmful preservatives and toxic fragrances. We are 100% cruelty free and our goal is to fight against the nasty effects of chemicals on people and the planet, and improve our overall well-being by choosing the natural way. If we haven’t tried it out ourselves, we’ll never put it on Wellness Within, because that’s how we are.