Celebrating Successful Women at WERONE - Featuring Melissa Tay | Three Little Cubs

Celebrating Successful Women at WERONE - Featuring Melissa Tay | Three Little Cubs

Interview with Melissa, Founder of Three Little Cubs

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career background?

I am a Regional Partnerships Manager in a tech firm. I enjoy speaking with business owners from all over the world. Before my career switch in late 2020, I was a travel specialist helping families to plan their holidays. I enjoy providing useful tips and insights for busy people who want to travel like local tourist.

Tell us about your business?

As a mother, I understand the frustration of buying items that aren’t right for my baby. To make matters worse, the baby market is filled with tons of items. And every brand seems to have an opinion on what is best.

This makes mummies feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

Three Little Cubs started with a simple mission: to carefully curate high-quality baby items for babies 0 M – 24 Ms, so mummies can find the right items for their baby. Which will help them save time and money, so they can focus on enjoying all their baby’s precious milestones.

Three Little Cubs’ focus niche is on baby’s eating, sleeping, and learning through play. Our products come from all over the world. Bibs, swaddles and backpacks from Australia. Toys from Europe. Bottles from Hangzhou.

What inspired you to start your business?

I started this business because I want to help other mummies find the right items for their baby. Also, to avoid going through the steep learning & buying curve.

There was this one time I bought three different bibs only to discover that none of them was suitable for my baby. I experimented with so many different bibs until I found one that was suitable for her.

While going through that process, I remember feeling so frustrated. I began to wonder how many other mummies out there are feeling the same frustration as me. That’s when I decided to start Three Little Cubs.

My husband is my main source of inspiration. He encouraged and supported me with the start of this online business.

Tell us about your family?

We have a 20-month-old daughter. As I’m writing this article, we are transiting her into preschool. It’s another new and exciting journey for all mummies.

What do you find the most rewarding about being a Mumpreneur?

I always dreamed of starting a business. The most rewarding thing is seeing my dream turning into reality.

Also, I am glad that through Three Little Cubs, I can support hundreds of first-time mummies in finding the right items for their baby. For example, I receive emails and IG messages of mummies thanking me for bringing in a bib or backpack. Because before that, their baby refused to use anything else. Those messages are the most satisfying.

How do you manage running your business and family life? Are there any hints and tips you can offer?

Spending time with my family has always been a top priority for me. I believe that no amount of business success can ever replace my family. So when my daughter is awake, I give her my undivided attention. But when she sleeps, I’m 100% focus on working with the limited time I have.

What is the biggest business challenge you encountered in your business and how did you overcome it?

It can get discouraging at times. People only see the glamours side of being a mumpreneur. But no one sees the sacrifices, late nights, self-doubts, and fear all mumpreneurs have to endure.

My family has been a strong pillar of encouragement and strength. Whenever I feel discouraged and want to give up. They will give me a pat on the back and ask me to preserve. They always remind me that there’s another mummy out there who needs our help. Who would give them support if I gave up?

What three bits of advice would you give to a mum wanting to start her own business?

  • To get started
  • Be ridiculously optimistic
  • Surround yourself with a community that has your back

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