Celebrating Successful Women at WERONE - Featuring Stephanie Goh | SG Homemade

Celebrating Successful Women at WERONE - Featuring Stephanie Goh | SG Homemade

Interview with Stephanie Goh, Founder of SG Homemade

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career background?

I was mostly hoping around in a sales job and settled as a financial consultant for 8 years. Before that, I also had a short 2-year business stint in Phnom Penh – I set up a Singapore café with 2 other friends.
Tell us about your business?

SG Homemade is a leading baby food maker that creates foods for babies and kids that contain ZERO additives.

What inspired you to start your business?

I was working multiple jobs trying to be physically present for my baby in 2017. In the day I was a SAHM, and when my husband returned from work I would go out for work appointments. I needed a quick solution to cook my daughter’s meal while trying to juggle everything else.

Tell us about your family?

I am a mum to 3 kids, a 5-year-old girl, 18 months old boy, and the other that came with a ring! ;P


What do you find the most rewarding about being a Mumpreneur?

I can be present whenever they need me – whether it’s an important event, a vaccination appointment, or being sick. The control of my time is the greatest reward at this stage when they are young and need the most attention.

How do you manage running your business and family life? Are there any hints and tips you can offer?

You just manage tasks as they come along and be adaptable - be prepared that things may not go according to plans, be prepared that things may not move as quickly as you’d like them to be. Be clear of your priorities (no judgment here), and take responsibility for the decisions you make always. And trust that everything will fall into place in God’s timing. 

What is the biggest business challenge you encountered in your business and how did you overcome it?

I am blessed to have it rather smooth sailing so far. I would say that my biggest ongoing challenge is to continually create products that can add value to mummies’ lives. I overcome this issue by maintaining close contact with our customers, understanding their struggles and their needs, and constantly looking for solutions to solve their problems.

What three bits of advice would you give to a mum wanting to start her own business?

  • Be ethical and always speak the truth about your products.
  • Be genuinely interested in your target market.
  • Be prepared to sleep little.

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