Easter Weekend Special

A long weekend to kick in some fun time with your kid(s). Besides outdoor play, we do recommend indoor, stay home activities, that will build up a child development in language, creativity, motor and emotional skills.

Learning through play helps to nurture imagination, for example introducing small world play. Create life scenes for your child to play with. Simply, the goal is to act out ideas from real life or reenact stories they know about. It also encourages language building, while imagining the scenes, talking out loud and using vocabulary.

1. Reveriebelle - Sensory Play Waterbeads Set // Ocean

Learn different sea animals and numbers.

Shop: https://werone.shop/collections/reveriebelle/products/sensory-play-waterbeads-set-ocean 

2. Meadowlark - Dino World Playdough Set

With play dough, young kids expressed their ideas through art and make-believe play. Dino fans alert, these 6 different dino dough cutters are a fun learning experience for your little ones to learn about the different species of dinosaurs.

Shop: https://werone.shop/products/dino-world-playdough-set 

3. Dolan Toys - Hello World Modular blocks


Hello world modular blocks help toddlers and young kids to expand creativity and conceptual thinking. Start imagining and design small world play with wooden blocks.

Shop: https://werone.shop/collections/dolan-toys/products/hello-world-modular-blocks

4. Drawnby Jessica - Learning Mat Pack

The ABC, 123 and 中文 Learning Mats are wonderful to learn with - the cute characters accompanying basic words and the building blocks of language and arithmetic. A set of markers are included to colour, write, trace and learn. Making learning fun with these reusable silicone colouring mats.

Shop: https://werone.shop/products/drawnby-learning-mat-pack

5. Lovingly Yours - The Original Magic Water Babies Themed Set (Animals Fun) 

Great set for individual play or as a group activity. Encourages creative and critical thinking and helps your little ones work on their fine motor skills.

Shop: https://bit.ly/3dfIweI 

6. Lil Wonder Trails - Vowel Cars

Learning picture association with the right words, trying to fit the right vowel between the consonants to form correct words, and shape slotting, this game has the child picking up numerous skills all at once.

Shop: https://werone.shop/collections/lil-wonder-trails/products/vowel-cars

7. Ourprogeny - Mushie Feelings Poster 

Help your child begin to understand how others are feeling and recognize their own emotions with this charming, beautifully illustrated poster. Designed in Sweden, it's part of our series of prints that combine whimsical themes and soft colors with modern design.

Shop: https://werone.shop/collections/ourprogeny/products/feelings-poster

8. Three Little Cubs - Letters Tracing and Spelling Tiles

Tracing boards are a tactile way for the child to learn to form letters. When they mindfully tract, they improve their visual spatial skills and this develops muscle memory. 

Shop: https://werone.shop/collections/three-little-cubs/products/letters-tracing-and-spelling-tiles

9. Our Button Nose - Reusable Silicone Colouring Mat 40cm x 30cm - Singapore Game and Colour mat series

This educational colouring mat incorporates a board game and comes complete with a die and four checkers. Play along with your child, while teaching them about the rich culture and beautiful architecture of Singapore.

Shop: https://bit.ly/3fpOP25

10. Erda Ally - Doodle Dat Reusable Silicone Colouring mat 20x15cm + Dry Erase Markers

Train motor skills, concentration, and hand-eye coordination for early writing skills and correct finger grip. If your child can hold a pen, it's never too early to start! Encourage learning through Art, away from screens. 

Shop: https://bit.ly/3umhvNN 

We hope you enjoy our recommendations for your child. 

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