The Ministork - FAQs

Do you do custom?

Slight changes such as changing from hairpin to headband or slight changes in existing design such as changing bow size or colour can be done depending on model, but not custom design. However, we are always open for ideas, do contact us if you have any request!

What if the bow I want is Sold Out?

We keep ready stock items to a minimum to allow design improvements when necessary. If the bow you want is sold out, do contact us, we will advise you our next restock date or you may request to opt for pre-order.

Alternatively, if you wish to order a mix of ready stock bows and sold out bows, simply indicate the item you want in the checkout page and we will get back to you.

When will my order be shipped?

During normal trade times
Ready stock item : 3-5 working days 
Preorder item : 3-5 weeks 

Why does the bow I bought look different?

All items are handmade and unique, thus they may vary slightly from the images. Screen calibration on your device may also affect the appearance of the colour.

Can I wash the bows?

For Big Bows and Midi Bows, please handwash with care on the dirty areas required. Wash with cold water & mild detergent only, hang to dry.

We do not recommend washing other type of headbands or hairpins.