Collection: Dolan Toys

Encouraging children to learn through playing modern wood toys.

Dolan - a Javanese word that means traditional children’s toy, is known to have a lot of benefits for a child’s intelligence and social development. With this philosophy in mind, we created our toys to encourage more children to learn through playing. 

Classic wood material meets modern aesthetic

Who says educational toys can’t look pretty? All of our toys are well-thought out, including the choice of color that isn't just usual primary colors, but the combination of color that won’t hurt your eye. Moreover, these could be part of your home’s decorations that could last for generations.

Why wood ? 
With children’s well being as our priority, we always make sure our toys are safe and eco-friendly. Wood is one of natural materials that’s sturdy and could last for a long time. 

About Us:

Two ladies got together in Singapore, wanting to bring children back to traditional play, deriving benefits of basic learning that once has been lost. 


"When I was little, my sister and I pretend cardboard boxes are our stores, our street bump, or our dollhouse. We improvise with only one item. I learned that one thing can be anything, and anything can be one thing. So are our toys..."


“When I was little, I was slow in learning, so my mom made flashcards for me to learn about numbers, alphabets, and names better. I felt more like playing, instead of studying."