Collection: Double Happiness Singapore

At Double Happiness Singapore by Grocer Jar, we’re all about natural baby food. Delicious, healthy, nutritious food, that’s perfect for your growing little foodies. Our products contain the freshest, premium ingredients.

Our Origins

Grocer Jar is a brand brought to life by our love of good food and by our belief. Amazing to us means natural, original source and free from preservatives. Our love of nature and passion for good food will always be the key ingredients to our range of products. We hope that you welcome the products carried by Grocer Jar into your homes and let the little tummies enjoy the nourishment of delicious, wholesome food we have to offer.  

Our Food Values

We believe that healthy, natural real food is the best and also the tastiest, no matter whether you’re 60, 16 or 6 months old. That’s why we have always set out to source the best food for everyone. It’s a subtle difference, but we believe it’s what keeps our standards high for our discerning clientele.