Collection: LAMBKIN

LAMBKIN is the brain-child of Shana Shaheed.

Shana has three children who run the gamut of age groups: her eldest Leyla is a teenager; her son Ayden goes to primary school; and her youngest Mia is in pre-school. Did we mention that on top of being a mother and running LAMBKIN, Shana is also a manager at a French luxury company and a freelance corporate trainer?

The name LAMBKIN was chosen as it is a term of endearment and affection that many parents (including Shana) use for their young ones.

The first three letters of LAMBKIN also correspond to the initials of Shana’s children in order of birth.

The latter half of the name “KIN” signifies the importance of family and relations – both the ones you were born into and those you choose.

Shana strongly believes that  it is the duty of every adult to help correct some of the imbalances in the world. She endeavours to do her part to educate, influence and inspire in areas of sustainability and inclusivity for all children. 

LAMBKIN creates and curates products accessible to everyone from all walks of life, without putting a strain on Mother Earth and her people. The brands and partners we work with are aligned with our mission to make the world a kinder place. "One small step at a time...