Collection: SimplySili Labels

With experience in the baby industry, seeing how parents would use traditional adhesive labels that would only last a few months, and knowing that kids and even adults would misplace or mix up bottles, SimplySili Labels was born.   

Most parents would use traditional adhesive labels, tapes or markers to label their little ones bottle or snack containers during daycare or school. However, those methods were not often cute and they tend to fade or rub off easily after regular use.

SimplySili label was created to help you identify your bottles, simply by using silicone. We provide safe, smart and sustainable labelling solutions for drinkware and containers that will last as our little ones grow while looking cute.

 SimplySili Labels are made from food grade, non-toxic silicone and are 100% safe for babies. All labels are made to order right here in sunny Singapore.

 Join us on our mission to make lives more organised one label at a time.