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Balance Board Medium (Lil Fairies Originals)

Balance Board Medium (Lil Fairies Originals)

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We created this Balance Board because we love how it helps children develop their balance as well as the 3 extended senses of proprioception (sense of body position and self-movement), vestibular (sense of body balance and movement) and interoception (how your body feels).

In addition, the Balance Board can be used in any open-ended play. Watch as it becomes a tunnel, a cave, a bed, a boat, a mountain and many more! It is amazing to watch how many opportunities can come out of the board once a child's imagination is unleashed.

Our boards are made of sustainable and natural beechwood, with water-based lacquers. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and withstand a maximum of 100kg weight. 

Size: 90cm long x 30cm width (suitable from 3 years and above)

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