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[BOOK SET] Over The Rainbow

[BOOK SET] Over The Rainbow

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Learn about the positivity, colours and the wonders of a rainbow with our [BOOK SET] Over The Rainbow.

This [BOOK SET] Over the Rainbow includes:
- 1 X The World Made a Rainbow
- 1 X Power of Love - This Love

The World Made a Rainbow
With charming illustrations and a beautiful story about the wonders of the rainbow, The World Made a Rainbow will reassure, uplift and is the perfect reminder of fun, hope and togetherness. Inspired by the rainbows that children across the world have been creating and displaying in their windows, The World Made a Rainbow is a beautiful story with a hopeful message of staying connected to the people we love. 

Power Of Love - This Love
Celebrate harmony around the world with this stunning peep-through picture book Power Of Love - This Love. Love is a language that is understood and shared by people all around the world. Whether we’re reading quietly with a loved one or playing on the beach with friends, all across the globe, the love we feel for one another is the same. This beautifully-illustrated book teaches us that despite the different languages, customs and traditions, it really is a small world after all.

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