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DrawnBy: Jessica

Candy Land Silicone Colouring Mat

Candy Land Silicone Colouring Mat

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What is DrawnBy: About?

Introducing to you our DrawnBy: Washable Silicone Colouring Mats! But what is it? These silicone mats are fully washable for kids to expand the landscapes of their imagination in the form of colouring!  Our hand-drawn designs cater to kids of all ages to develop their creativity as well as their fine motor skills. Each design allows kids to enhance their experience with a pop of colour! To have the best results, our DrawnBy: Markers provide a joyous experience.

Safety and Reusability!

To ensure that your little ones play in a safe environment, our mats are food grade and certified to be free from toxic chemicals and other elements. They can now colour at any time anyplace without having to worry about anything! In addition, you save the Earth since you don't need to constantly stock up on art materials - talk about good for your wallet! 


Our mats can be rolled up and easily put away when not in use, making it easy for kids to tidy it up. Dirty mats? We got that covered! All you have to do is use a wet cloth or tissue to wipe off and start doodling again! Even kids can now have fun cleaning the mat easily. Bonus!! Our DrawnBy: Reusable Silicone Mats are also dishwasher friendly, providing convenience for parents to have a fresh clean mat anytime they want!

Did you know we've been featured in a couple of print and online publications! Head to our DrawnBy: Features page to see what others have to say about our DrawnBy: Reusable Silicone Mats! 

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