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Cavemen Set

Cavemen Set

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Cave people. The game set consists of figures of people and animals that lived in the Paleolithic era - several tens of thousands of years ago. People were engaged in hunting and fishing, collected edible and medicinal plants, knew fire, lived in caves or near them. Healer priests talked with spirits and healed people. The largest prey of the tribe was the mammoth, the tribe could trap a whole herd of these huge animals, which, unfortunately, completely died out. The set allows you to immerse yourself in the material in a playful way, to stage various episodes from the life of cavemen.

The set consists of 12 figures of people and animals and a cave with a fire in the center. Sizes - figurines from 5 to 10 cm in height. The cave is 24 cm wide, 16 cm high. Made from birch.

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