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DrawnBy: Jessica

Colouring Stickers (Basic Set of 3)

Colouring Stickers (Basic Set of 3)

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Our DrawnBy: Colouring Stickers are very special - you can colour them just how you like, however you like! 

With elements from our DrawnBy: Washable Silicone Colouring Mats, you can recreate your most favourite iterations of these characters just how you like and bring them along with you! Inside each pack of stickers is 3 A5 sheets full of pictures to colour and paste!

The DrawnBy: Colouring Sticker pack comes with drawings from our Animal Friends, Big Blue and Space Adventures DrawnBy: Washable Silicone Colouring Mats, but as stickers for you to ink in in your favourite colours! 

Anything Goes

Unlike our DrawnBy: Washable Silicone Colouring Mats, any sort of colouring medium is ok on our DrawnBy: Colouring Stickers! That includes colour pencils, gel pens, felt tips, watercolours, or even the DrawnBy: Markers too! (Of course!) When you're done, just peel and stick your DrawnBy: Colouring Stickers wherever you like and enjoy your unique creations wherever you go!

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