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DrawnBy: Jessica

Colouring Stickers (Booster Set of 3)

Colouring Stickers (Booster Set of 3)

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Bring our designs to a different level when you colour on DrawnBy: Colouring Stickers ! With endearing messages of encouragement and inspiration, our Booster Stickers is just the reminder you need when you're out and about! 

With our signature drawing style, just like our DrawnBy: Washable Silicone Colouring Mats, our specially drawn designs give you that little boost and keep you encouraged but with cute and adorable elements that you can personalise just how you like! It might just be what you need when you head to work or to school! Inside each pack of stickers is 3 A5 sheets full of pictures to colour and paste and share with others your joy of support and friendship too!

The DrawnBy: Colouring Sticker pack comes with drawings to encourage you to dream, push on, and strive for your best but as stickers for that you can colour in, however you like!

Make them Personal

Our DrawnBy: Colouring Stickers are different from our DrawnBy: Washable Silicone Mats, because you can use any sort of colouring media! Take out your arsenal of colour pencils or pens, crayons, felt tips, watercolours, or of course, even the DrawnBy: Markers too! Make these designs yours and paste your DrawnBy: Colouring Stickers wherever you like and enjoy your unique creations wherever you go!

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