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DrawnBy: Jessica

Colouring Stickers (Dance Set of 3)

Colouring Stickers (Dance Set of 3)

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Have you ever thought of making stickers of your own? Our DrawnBy: Colouring Stickers are the next line up in DrawnBy: Products to bring the fun of colouring into your home! 

Now that you've tried out our DrawnBy: Washable Silicon Drawing mats, you can now immortalise your most favourite colours on this special pack of 3 A5 sheets of stickers with designs taken from our beloved DrawnBy: Mats series! 

The new DrawnBy: Colouring sticker pack comes with Animal Friends, Big Blue and Space Adventures stickers that allow you to colour, mark, pen down and create some unique looks on your most favourite designs.

Personalised Fun!

You can use all sorts of colouring mediums including markers, colour pencils, gel pens, felt tips or any other colouring medium to personalise your stickers, and of course the DrawnBy: Markers work too! When they are all coloured in, you just need to peel the decals and stick them in scrapbooks, on notebooks - anywhere and everywhere you like! 

Special Designs!

As a collaboration with Wings to Wings Dance Development Centre who commissioned this lovely set of stickers, DrawnBy: is releasing 3 special designs for Children’s Day! These A5 colouring stickers come in a pack of 3, just like our signature stickers!

Colour, mark, pen down and create some unique looks on your most favourite designs. Just colour, peel and stick!

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