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DrawnBy: Jessica

Counting 123 Silicone Learning Mat

Counting 123 Silicone Learning Mat

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Colouring Mats for your loved ones!

Have you ever been worried that your kids are engaging in too much screen time? Stop it! No more worries as this colouring mat is filled with adorable and unique doodles that can occupy your kids on holidays, on journeys or at home. Sharing the joy of colouring has always been a big part of DrawnBy: Washable Silicone Colouring Mat. We really wish that every child can explore different colour combinations, increasing their creativity and be inspired by the beauty of art and design.

Keep your kids away from danger!

Our DrawnBy: Washable Silicone Colouring Mats are made from food-grade silicones that are so durable that it can endure up to 200 degrees and the dishwasher too! We have also ensured that our silicone mats are safe to use. We are certified in a Singapore by TUV SUD PSB and have passed EU criteria for the absence of heavy metals and Phthalates standards because we take safety seriously!

Carry and Colour

Carrying a tablet every outing with your kids must be tiring! Because of that, we made our colouring mats as lightweight and foldable as possible so that you won’t have to bring that megaton weighted tablet outside anymore. However, will removing the colourings off be bothersome? Nope! You only need a bit of water or a wet wipe to remove them and it would look as good as new. If you want to be extra clean, you can use soap and water or antiseptic alcohol to clean the mat too keep it extra safe!

We know you want products that last so find out how you can best look after your DrawnBy: Products with some helpful tips and tricks in our Care section! 

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