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DrawnBy: Jessica

Courage & Bravery Silicone Coaster Mat

Courage & Bravery Silicone Coaster Mat

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The Peace & Harmony Coaster Mat is part of the PALS series of DrawnBy: Reusable Silicone Coaster Mats and it's a great way to build a bridge between you and your friends through art and creativity!

Colouring Together

DrawnBy: Washable Silicone Colouring Mats bring you and your loved ones together in an explosion of colour and fun! It's just so easy to clean and start over again and we know that with one of our hand-drawn designs on your table, you'll be in for hours and hours of fun just colouring and spending time with each other! And keep an eye out for cute quirks and interesting easter eggs we've hidden in our designs!

Simple and Convenient

We've conveniently packed all of our DrawnBy: Washable Silicone Mats into clear plastic drawstring bags to make it easier for you to take them alone where you go! It's really that easy when you are looking for an activity for yourself and your loved ones when you're headed out on a trip! You'll also be pleased to know that the from the mat to the markers and to the bag too, they are all tested locally for your safety!

We pack in bulk with a kind discount if you are looking to purchase these DrawnBy: Mini Mats for your child's birthday! Send us a message in our chat window or via our contact form!

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