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DrawnBy: Jessica

DrawnBy: Gift Wrap Packs

DrawnBy: Gift Wrap Packs

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Giving a gift and need an extra boost to your DrawnBy: Silicone Mats? 

This item is for purchase of our Gift Wrap PACKS. We will send these items to you flat-packed with any other purchases. If you would like us to send your purchases as a gift, head here! And add on a lovely hand-written note to your order - click into our Gift Tags to add a special note!

Our latest DrawnBy: Colouring Gift Wrapping is perfect to make that present stand out! Whether under the Christmas tree or for a birthday, you'll not only make your gift look lovely, but you'll have some extra colouring to do after you've uncovered what lies wrapped inside...

Each DrawnBy: Gift Wrap option is pre-structured into a paper bag so all you need to do is to place your present in it! We were able to fit 6 DrawnBy: Washable Mats with markers with no problem, but you can fit almost anything else in here too..

Actual size: 46H x 26L x 10D cm

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