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Ecott Cosme Wasabi Face Scrub 6 (Level 1)

Ecott Cosme Wasabi Face Scrub 6 (Level 1)

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Face Scrub
  • 200g
  • Contains wasabi leaf extract <smooth protective ingredient> from Miyagi prefecture. Mannan <Konjac (skin conditioning ingredient)> scrub that gently rolls on the skin is a skin-friendly face massage agent. 
  • While moisturizing the skin, it prevents roughness and leads to soft and smooth skin. 
  • It can also be used for necks and décolletage other than the face.


There are "Yakurai wasabi plantations" in the foot hills of Miyagi's sacred Yakurai Mountains. In the local area there are 8 farm families working together cultivating about 44,000 stocks of wasabi year round without using any agricultural chemicals. A deciding factor in wasabi cultivation is the water. Mineral rich water from underground is used to shower one stock of wasabi with 180 ml continuously for one minute. This face care and body care series promotes resilient skin with wasabi*2 which exudes the feel of traditional Japan. 

*1 Skin conditioning properties

*2 Wasabi Leaf Extract (smoothing protective properties)


Plant Extracts that Lead the Way to Beautiful and Healthy Skin

* Pumpkin extract (smoothing, protective properties)

* Lotus extract (elasticitizing properties)

* Carrot root extract (skin tightening properties)

* Rokkaku reishi extract (smoothing, protective properties)

* Tomato extract (smoothing, protective properties)

* Sakekasu extract (smoothing, protective properties)


Ecott Cosme Organic

Delivers Organic Style that is safer and More Natural

Nowadays organic foodstuffs such as fruits and vegetables cultivated with- out agrochemicals or chemical fertilizers as well as foods that don't utilize additives or preservatives are in demand as they are gentle on the body.

In the same way the demand for cosmetics made with organic raw materials has also risen regarding our skin.

The Starting Point of Ecott Cosme Organic

Providing a New Organic Style for Japanese Women

Recently there is an increase in women who have lost their mind and body balance due to the after-effects of serious environmental issues such as air pollution and global warming.

Because of this we thought of making products that use the power of organic plants to help women, affected by various stressors, make their skin beautiful and healthy. 

Our goal is for women to enjoy caring for their skin everyday by providing new and worthy organic style cosmetics for Japanese women made with a combination of carefully selected raw materials that compliment Japanese skin, grown domestically in Japan.

Akinori Kimura, the Miraculous Apple Farmer

During our search for materials to use in products, focusing on organic plants with strong vitality, we came across Akinori Kimura the inspiration behind the movie, Kiseki no ringo.

The head cosmetic developer saw Mr. Kimura on a television program and touched by the way he raises his apples, had a powerful desire to use them as a material in the cosmetics. This miraculous encounter with Akinori Kimura became the origin for the development of Ecott Cosme Organic.

From Ecott Cosme Raw Materials Developer

The encounter with Akinori Kimura was the starting point of Ecott Cosme Organic and we are filled with gratitude toward Mr. Kimura even now for accepting our strong feelings on the matter.

Aside from cultivating and harvest- ing apples, there is the added work of collecting the superfluous fruit that is thinned from the trees as raw material for our cosmetics.

Mr. Kimura's daughter shared with us that she always felt sorry for the fruit that was culled like this, but now feels they are being saved as

they will be used in our products. That sentiment became our power in times of disappointment and setbacks that we experienced while on our continued hunt for organic materials from the remaining 46 prefectures.

Producers who have the same ideas as Mr. Kimura, who cultivates organic produce, continue forward even if crops suffer devastating damage without feeling discouraged. This is something to be proud of. Both parties have the same enthusiasm for delivering a superior product to their customers with a foundation of safe, secure food, with attention to flavor.

Ecott Cosme Organic was born from the passion of such producers.

Raw Material Development Head - Mayumi Kotani

Nara Women’s University Graduate School

Graduate School of Home Economics

With 15 years’ experience in the laboratory of a major firm working in cosmetic safety and functional food, she now handles various product research and development as Bloom Classic Quality Assurance Director.

The Standards of Ecott Cosme Organic

Recipe to Bring Gentleness to Your Skin

* No genetically modified raw materials are used

* Vegan - No animal products are used

* Transparent containers are not used to keep quality

* Organic JAS standards base utilization of agricultural produce from 47 prefectures

* Cruelty free - No animal testing

Our Particular Natural Gel Formula 

There are two types of gel creams, "natural gel" and "synthetic gel".

We performed an experiment where salt was added to each type of gel and observed the transformation. When salt is added to the synthetic polymer blend gel, a chemical change takes place where the vinyl polymer (synthetic polymer) and water separates. Ecott Cosme Organic uses natural gel which has superior water retention.


Japan’s organic cosmetic certification organization. Inspects the preservation of organic raw materials, bulk preservation, and whether the manufacturing line is satisfactory.

ECOFIT Certification Mark


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