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Errecom Extreme Ultra 6 ml AC/R Leak Stop Suitable for all AC vehicles

Errecom Extreme Ultra 6 ml AC/R Leak Stop Suitable for all AC vehicles

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EXTREME ULTRA is an ultimate leak sealant that solves all the problems related to small refrigerant gas leaks in AC/R systems.Compatible with all refrigerant gases (CFC, HFC and HCFC, including R32, R134a & R1234yf). EXTREME ULTRA 0.25 fl.oz. new formula treats AC/R systems up to 21KW (6 tons). It locates the refrigerant gas leaks and permanently seals them, without reacting to moisture and oxygen. EXTREME ULTRA is a polymer-free solution that repairs leaks up to 0.3 mm. Benefits New advanced formula. Less product in the system. Permanently seals refrigerant Gas leaks. 1/4 and 5/16 SAE - R410a adapters included. 0.25 fl.oz dose can treats AC/R systems up to 21 KW (6 TONS). It doesn’t clog the refrigerant system and the recovery unit components either. Polymer-free, Non reactive to humidity and air. Visible to any UV lamp. Not flammable, Not irritant, Safe for the operator. Significantly reduces compressor noise. Ideal for preventative maintenance.

Application of Extreme Ultra for Vehicle A/C Systems

  • The 6 mL cartridge is a universal dose for any vehicle.
  • It repairs microleaks in rubber and metal components of A/C systems.
  • It is non-reactive to oxygen and moisture.
  • It is safe for A/C system components.
  • Ideal for preventative maintenance.
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