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Errecom Super Dry Ultra 6ml anti-humidity additive

Errecom Super Dry Ultra 6ml anti-humidity additive

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SUPER-DRY ULTRA from Errecom is an anti-humidity additive capable of preventing the formation of humidity in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

- Features: New advanced 6 mL formula, less amount of product inserted into the System.
- Dose: Universal dose for all air conditioning and refrigeration systems up to 21 kW or 700 mL of compressor lubricant.
- Application: Permanently eliminates moisture in the air conditioning and refrigeration system.
- Safe: Safe for the joints and the components of the System.
- Advantages: It does not weaken the power of the System and does not affect its performance.
- Prevention: Helps prevent acid formation.
- Formula: Does not contain Methanol or solid particles.
- Safety: Safe for the Compressor and charging stations.
- How it works: Inserted in the system, it circulates transmitted by the refrigerant gas, without altering its characteristics.

*Does not come with the car adaptor. recommend buying with extreme Ultra to co-share the adaptor.
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