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I Love My Mother Earth Trilogy

I Love My Mother Earth Trilogy

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DinoStaury "I love mother earth trilogy" is a series of 3 books + activities designed to instill empathy and empowerment in children, around climate action. Each of these books have activity concepts, ideas and discussion points to truly reinforce the value of caring for our planet! 



Dina Helps Uncle Tree

While watering her garden, Dina meets Uncle Tree who is very thirsty and unhappy. She discovers that Uncle Tree is tired because he's been working overtime to keep our air clean without much support. How will Dina Help Uncle Tree? 



Sea Monster Plastiko

On a visit to the beach, Dina and Dinku discover that a sea monster called Plastiko is harming all the sea creatures! Very upset upon learning this, they decide to help! How will they chase Plastiko away?



Trash to Treasure

Dina and Dinku are excited to visit their cousins’ farm but when they get there, they find that the whole farm is covered with trash! Their animal friends are homeless and the plants are destroyed. How will they save the farm?

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