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Kindness Grows

Kindness Grows

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Its all about how angry words can create a crack that can get bigger and bigger and separate us from others. But if we are kind and talk to others then the crack can turn into a tree and something that can flourish.

This book is very clever how it uses on side for the sadness and showing this in dark colours in the illustrations. And the other side is of happiness and this is shown using bright happy colours.


The crack is cut out throughout the book and gets bigger and bigger throughout and each illustration is centred around the crack but we can see how it can be used for their good or bad. Then at the end of the book we see the two sides of the page joining together as the we see the importance of telling others how we feel, how there is forgiveness surrounding kindness and how we can all come together to be happy.

This is such a beautiful book and I would love to read it with children and see what they make of it. There are so many different aspects of it that could be picked up and i'd encourage everyone to read it. ❤️

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