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Lil' Milk Monsters

Lil' Milk Monsters Mr. Dino Lacing Toy

Lil' Milk Monsters Mr. Dino Lacing Toy

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Oh, we simply adore Mr. Dino! He is small and handy to carry around. It makes the perfect gift too!

This lacing activity helps young kids to develop good hand-eye coordination, patience and perseverance on task as they learn to thread through the holes.

Older children can learn the basics of sewing as they learn to go through the motion of sewing (in and out) - the perfect toy to teach the concept of sewing!

Handmade wooden toys are especially gentle on the skins of our lil' ones. These lacing toys are made with lots of care and love. Edges are carefully sanded and checked, to ensure the best quality for our little ones.

Item is made of Maple wood, carefully coated with high quality linseed oil

Colour of string : Mint Green

This is suitable for children aged 2 and above.

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