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Mountains arch stacker (Natural)

Mountains arch stacker (Natural)

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Mountains are arcs for creative, passionate independent play. Natural drawing does not overload visually, and the texture of wood and details of different sizes are useful for motor skills and the development of imagination.

This is one of our most popular toys. She teaches children the skills of the future - logic, the ability to build cause and effect relationships, unconventional thinking, the ability to find non-standard solutions.

With this toy, you can come up with an infinite number of games and they will all be educational:
  • Stack the details on top of each other for balance
  • Build car garages and toy animal houses
  • Create a whole fabulous landscape with the Forest , populate it with rainbow gnomes , a bear or a fox
  • Roll wooden beads in arcs for singing mountains
  • Learn more-less concepts, colors, learn to count
  • Tell us everything you know about mountains, the history of their origin, geography
The toys are not heavy, but, unlike plastic toys, they are not empty inside and fit very nicely in the hand. It is easy to build from parts - they do not slip or slide out.

Toy chips:
  • Natural materials and gentle manufacturing
  • Beautiful tree drawing
  • Will be interesting from 1 year and even earlier and up to 6 years for sure 
  • Convenient size 16x11x4 cm.Take with you on your trip
  • Will decorate the children's room
  • Fall in love with the natural world
By the way! Arcs are a classic axleless pyramid. In Russia, pyramids with a pin are more common, but we decided to do without - it is safer and does not set a framework when playing. 
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