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N'ice Cup™, Large

N'ice Cup™, Large

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The N'ice Cup together with its cooling disc makes it easy to bring your own food to school, work or when travelling for a healthy, cost-effective and eco-friendly lunch compared with grab-as-you-go-meals.

The N'ice Cup has two parts: a larger section for your yoghurt, acai, ice-cream salad or fresh fruit and a lid compartment for toppings such as nuts, granola or croutons. The two sections are separated to keep the topping crisp and dry.

Freeze the cooling disc horizontally for at least 4 hours, and it will keep your food cold for about 2 hours at room temperature. Click the disc into the lid to keep your meal cold, fresh and tasty. Grab your favourite acai, ice-cream, or fresh fruits and head out for a picnic!


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