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Little Eco Joys

Reusable Cotton Squares

Reusable Cotton Squares

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Eco Swap: From disposable cotton squares to reusable cotton squares 


Handsewn and made of premium cotton with super soft minky fabric as a backing, these versatile cotton squares are ideal for application of toners / your daily skincare products and can be used to remove makeup. In fact, we find that we get more mileage out of our toners through our reusable cotton squares! 


Minky is a fabric that is known to be soft and is widely used for baby blankets; so yes, our cotton squares are soft enough to be used on your baby's skin! These small squares are very handy wipes for baby's milk spit-ups or drool. It's so soft that you can even use it to wipe away your baby's eye discharge. 


Sold as a set of 5, assorted designs. 

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