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This is a wonderful shadow kit for coming up with your own funny and amazing stories.

With this set, you can show many interesting fairy tales about the adventures of a girl and a boy in the land of monsters, or vice versa: about the adventures of monsters in the world of people.
If your kid is afraid of various monsters hiding in the dark under the bed, then with the help of this set you can show him that the monsters are not scary at all, but very cute and kind, they like to drink tea with cakes, ride a monster car and really want to make friends with him)
The set includes:
  • 7 monsters
  • Girl and boy
  • A month and two stars
  • Monster car
  • UFO
  • Magic tree
  • Tea table
*The screen is sold separately.
The light goes out in the room, a magic flashlight is lit behind the screen of a small theater and, as if by magic, fairy shadows come to life on the screen, one after another.
To make the magic happen, you need a screen, a flashlight (regular or telephone) and, of course, the shadow characters themselves.
All figures for the shadow theater are made of wood, so they are durable and, unlike cardboard, will not be wrinkled or torn in playful children's pens.
Each character has a magnetic stripe on both sides, the characters can be rotated left and right, fixed on the screen, if you need hands for other characters.

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