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Taf Toys Savannah Sort & Stack

Taf Toys Savannah Sort & Stack

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  • 2 IN 1 – featuring 2 must have Toys:
    1. Baby Stacker
    2. Baby sorter.

Baby will be busy learning new challenges while developing fine motor & problem-solving skills, enhancing baby`s curiosity and sense of discovery. Babies can stack all five boxes, then push the tower to see what happens. When baby is ready for a challenge, sort & match the right shapes into the right hole, & when they’re done, it’s fun to start it all again.

    1. Sorting baby will sort, stack and drop the shapes in box lid matching shape hole.
    2. Stacking stack the blocks by size. Line up faces by number, color, shape size or animal on top of each other. They can even be knocked down for endless fun.
    3. Counting – put blocks one on top of the other & learn to count and identify the number to match
    4. Color & shape sorting insert the shapes into the box with the matching printed shape, or by the same color.
    5. Nesting When toddlers nest boxes one inside the other, they experiment with size matching and are actually problem solving!


  • Learning Skills – baby can stack and nest the boxes, identify colors, differentiate sizes, match shapes and learn numbers! Playing develops toddler fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, fine motor and problem solving skills
  • Develop hand – eye coordination, fine motor and problem solving skills
  • Differentiate between sizes Stack & nest boxes
  • Identify colors and learn to name them.
  • Match shapes
  • Learn to count and name numbers
  • Inspire both independent and cooperative play


  • Savannah Sort & Stack is a great developmental toy that toddlers will love to play and learn with. Great gift set – of 2 classical toddler toys with a stylish updated design.
  • The Savannah Sort & Stack is made with prime quality materials making it extra comfortable & safe to use for your children. BPA & Phthalate free.
  • SAFETY TESTED TO MEET OUR HIGH STANDARDS ASTM, EN-71 and applicable safety standards.
  • Measures – 13.5 X 13.5cm, 5.35” X 5.35“

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