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Terracota Rainbow

Terracota Rainbow

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These toys are handpainted and made from natural wood. As such, do expect variations in terms of colour, grain, and markings. We have checked with the original makers and they have personally guaranteed that these are not defects, but are unique indications that serve as proof of its natural origin. Please only purchase if you are comfortable with such characteristics.

Handcrafted in the Russia, these beautiful wooden rainbow stackers are a great display addition to any nursery. As your baby grows, it becomes a toy for toddlers to learn stacking, sorting, counting, size comparisons, and to develop motor skills. Preschoolers (and even older children or adults) can also use these rainbows for open-ended small world play. Their unique colours mean delving deeper into the imagination, beyond landscapes that are made up of just primary colours. 

Materials: Hardwood linden wood, non-toxic water-based paint.

Dimensions: 21cm by 11cm by 3cm

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