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Yummy Mitt - Blue & Orange

Yummy Mitt - Blue & Orange

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The YUMMY MITT TEETHING MITTEN is Functional, Stylish & Modern all in one geared to infants 3-12 months.

Designed Ergonomically to replicate the natural feel and look of an infant's hand. Secures to baby's hand, allowing an infant to provide teething relief to him/herself while simultaneously preventing gagging, the need for a constant parental assistance and dropping the teether.

The soft flexible mitten is ideal for babies who cannot hold teethers while protecting baby from chewing on their hand.

Product Details & Benefits:

GLOWS IN THE DARK, non-toxic and the illumination makes it easy for baby and parents to find at night. Comes with a Travel wash/bag (makes travelling with teether easier)

  • Stimulate motor skills
  • Super light weight
  • Soft silicone provides stimulation to gums and emerging teeth
  • A slit opening design on the side, Easy access to insert and remove babies delicate hands
  • Can be worn on either hand
  • Made of both 100% medical food grade silicone and 100% cotton material
  • Absorbent material inside to prevent moisture to babies’ hand
  • Machine washable.
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