National Day Promotions 2021

National Day Promotions 2021

This National Day, let us count our blessings and remain steadfast as a country. Here are some sweet deals to thank you for supporting our local brands who make quality products for babies and mothers to enjoy because they deserve all the love. Promotion starts from 4th to 11th August 2021. Enjoy free shipping with minimum $50 sitewide.


1. Our Button Nose

The founders are inspired by their daughters who find joy in colouring and exploring different themes. Hence, they develop reusable colouring mats to help children enjoy colouring which is important in early childhood for many reasons.

Griping the markers help toddlers develop hand strength and develop motor skills and stimulate their right brains. Colouring allows them to focus on the present moment, get creative and express themselves. Now, this is a relaxing activity for the entire family to enjoy anytime of the day.

Enjoy 10% discount for the colouring mats, sensory toys and baking kits to help children explore and make sense of the world around them while they play. Have fun!

Featuring the latest colouring mat (Our Button Nose x Singapore Discovery Centre) - Past Present and Future of Singapore


2. Stillen Maternity

From the moment you are pregnant to the time when you hold your baby in your arms, pamper yourself and glam up with Stillen Maternity wear. Founder Lisa Chong helps you dress stylish and professionally with maternity clothes and nursing wear. For nursing mothers, enjoy delicious and gluten-free breastfeeding supplement drinks with herbs to increase lactation. Sit back, relax and tank up nourishment by adding 1 packet to your favourite beverage.  Check out the brownies at half price (note the expiry date in Dec 2021). Lastly support your lower back as you hold your baby with well-designed comfy postpartum belly wrap belts. Enjoy these deals here.

3. Chubby Junkie

While Queen Elizabeth loves ginger cakes and sandwiches for afternoon tea, we Singaporeans love our local kuehs with tea or coffee. Food is a big part of our Singaporean culture. For example, the Ang Ku Keuh or “red tortoise cake” symbolizes longevity when a child is one month old. Celebrate your baby with this auspicious gift. The bibs are made of safe top food grade silicone material that is BPA & PVC free, durable and easy to clean with soapy warm water.

National Day Special: for $98, your baby or your BFF’s baby will enjoy 1 customized Tingkat carrier with 4 different types of super cute kueh teethers and 2 teether clips and any 2 Silicone Bibs. We love to help you include a handwritten note on your behalf if you are gifting this set to a baby boy or girl.



4. Angel BabyBox

A Finnish tradition for 90 years, the award-winning Angel BabyBox was gifted to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as a baby gift for Prince George.  It is an ergonomically locally designed sleeping pod made with non-toxic EVA foam and 100% Japanese cotton for newborns. It is BSEN 1130-certified safe for newborns under the British Standards for domestic cribs and cots. Being multi-functional, this baby crib can be transformed into a playmat or dressing mat or a storage box. Stow away easily. A great gift to new parents. Another excellent quality product is the Muslinz muslin cloths. They are made of 100% organic cotton and an essential item for feeding, swaddling or as a changing mat. The super soft, stylish and adjustable bibs help prevent neck rashes as your baby feeds and keeps your baby’s clothes dry. The muslin cloths and bibs are ethically made in ISO and OKEO TEX certified factory, assuring you of high-quality textile products for your baby.

Check out the special offers:

  • Angel BabyBox at 15% storewide (Free shipping included)
  • Muslinz (Swaddles & Bibs) at 15% off (Free shipping min $30)



5. Dolan Toys

Wooden toys are enduringly sweet as they give children a tactile sensation of running their hands over a well-crafted wooden object. Hence founders K.J. and J.T create fun and aesthetically pleasing toys to encourage children to practise their numeracy, motor skills, and fire up their imagination. Dolan is derived from the Javanese word “Dolanan” which means traditional play. Dolan toys are made of wood that is safe, eco-friendly and will last for generations.

For example, the Hello World modular blocks means hours of creative amusing fun as children learn to sort blocks by colour, shape and build towers and trains. Click here for a 30% discount on Dolan toys now.



6. The Mini Wayfarer

As a mother, Jocelyn understands you want to give the best to your child. Hence, she designs comfy and adorable shoes based on the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for infants and children with normal feet.

As your child progresses to walking in shoes, you will want to protect his or her young feet with well-fitted breathable shoes that ideally have:

  • room at the toes
  • flat, flexible and non-skid rubber soles to support natural foot growth
  • cushioned ankle support to keep the shoes in place
  • adjustable Velcro ankle straps to support the feet’s natural development

Choose from a variety of classic colours. Get a pair or two for your precious little one to support him or her to walk confidently and dazzle in these durable shoes made of genuine non-toxic leather. Click here for a 15% discount.



7. Meadowlark

The founders of Meadowlark are mothers who appreciate safe sensory play for children. They design their products to spark joyful bonds and fun as children play with their parents. Playing with a cookery set help inspire young children to appreciate food, teach them about critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.  The best part is creating the fond memories that you make together with your children.   


The pretty Crystal Cookery playset is great for pretend play and helps your toddler practice his or her motor skills through picking, scooping, sorting and counting the 5 types of colourful natural crystal stones. Adult supervision is required. Check out the Digger Discovery ‘Sandory’ play set that allows your children to build sandcastles and toy vehicles with the soft and smooth sandsory dough, sandcastle molds and spades. Grab these playsets and other amazing sensory toys today and enjoy a 10% discount. Have fun!


8. Bebe Bamboo

Naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial with a soft and silky texture, bamboo fabric is a great choice for your baby, especially for babies with sensitive skin. Founder Meiyen started this brand out of love for her daughter because she couldn’t find suitable fabrics to help her daughter fight eczema.  As parents, rest assured because Bebe Bamboo’s products are lab tested and made with care, ensuring they are free from chemicals during the manufacturing process.

Enjoy 20% off for all Bebe Bamboo products with free shipping no minimum spent. Check out the cute and thoughtfully designed pajamas with snap buttons. Remember to get the soft, comfy and durable pillows for a good night sleep for your precious ones.


9. Erda Ally

Quoting Albert Einstein, “Look deep into nature, you will understand everything better.” There are many ways to show our only home some love every day.

Hence the founders are passionate about stewarding and cultivating good habits in their children with a sustainable lifestyle. Erda Ally silicone colouring mats will help your children stay away from electronic media while relaxing with colouring. It’s easy to clean these mats and reduce paper waste created from colouring books. Totally re-usable and you may pass them on for other children in future. To help your children appreciate food, consider the beeswax wraps. Naturally biodegradable, they help your food fresher for longer. So you save money and reduce use of single use plastic. Engage your children by getting them to wrap up their favourite food snacks with these beeswax wraps. This is certainly a way an entire family can help protect our environment.  Click here for a 10% discount for all items.


10. The Wildberry Store 

Inspired by her daughter’s teething experience, founder Wenny creates these bright colourful teethers to help babies cope with teething. The adorable teethers are safe for babies to chew and gnaw to get relief from the teething pain. The teethers are made from soft, nontoxic food grade silicone which are BPA, latex, phthalate and PVC free and are compliant with FDA, SGS and 9001 certification standards. The various fun shapes and texture will engage your baby who will love chomping on them. Easy to wash and air dry. Always supervise your little one when using teethers. Get 20% off here.


11. Little Kaki

Who is your kaki during your childhood? Is it books, stuffed toys or your friends? Founders of Little Kaki are passionate about babyproofing with safe, sustainable and long-lasting materials with a modern minimalist design. SG’s hot weather calls for popsicles. Why not engage your children with cool training cups and cute popsicle molds? Simply blend some fresh or frozen strawberries, honey, some fresh lemon juice and plain whole milk Greek yogurt in a food processor. Your children can pour them into the molds and freeze for 4 hours or overnight before serving. Your children will enjoy the hands-on experience and these home-made healthy snacks. At night, snuggle with your toddlers in bed and take 20 minutes to enjoy the fun sound books. Introduce reading as a good habit to your toddlers as reading calms downs their minds to promote sleeping while improving their vocabulary.  Pick up fun titles like “Who loves Pets?” and “Who loves Dinosaurs?” and all items with a 15% discount today.

12. Anak & I

Pronounced as "ah-nak and i ", Singaporean founders, Carolina and Lynne create comfortable clothing for young children since 2019. They believe children should dress comfortably in stylish clothes and explore the world fearlessly.

Pamper your daughter in the beautiful Jermaine embossed romper with soft tulle at the bottom. For boys, get them the fun and functional dinosaur-themed jumpsuit to get them from play to party. For your baby, get the cute stretchable and cooling zipsuit made of 95% cotton for bedtime. It’s a limited-edition product and it comes in white or teal with fun gold shimmery pineapple prints. Huat Ah!

Count on Anak & I for trusted quality and affordable prices. Click here to get up to 40% discounts on selected items today.


13. Gracious Goodness

Gracious Goodness is passionate about healthy snacking. Freeze-drying fruits and vegetables retain their colour, texture and nutrients. Bursting with flavours with a longer shelf life, store these light weight convenient packs in your pantry or fridge and you will always have a healthy snack at home or on the go. Enjoy some strawberry and banana snacks with your child in the morning for a boost of vitamins. Did you know that mangoes contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals, making them super nutritious? Gracious Goodness freeze-dried mango is super crunchy and scrumptious, making them a satisfying treat. Once you start, you can’t stop.  If you love mangos, don’t miss out on the special deal: Buy 5 packets get 1 packet free. Surprise your loved ones with this care pack and brighten their day.

14. Colorfull Store

Want quirky and cute accessories for your toddler? Check out the fun designs by Colorfull Store. The founder believe bright colours will bring joy to everybody, regardless of age or gender. Has your child been vocal about deciding on his/her clothes? According to pediatrics, it’s a sign that he/she is growing up. Practical tips include having a daily routine, planning ahead and allowing your child to have a say and choose between 2 outfits. Finally allow your child to practice as it takes time and helps them feel confident and competent. 

Make your child or niece or nephew smile today with these 3 special bundle deals ($22 each).

Each set comes with a crossover bag and a pair of sunglasses which comes in either red or white*.

  • For a cool look, pair the cute helicopter crossbody bag with the red sunglasses.  
  • Check out the Daisy bag that goes well with almost everything. A pair of red sunnies is included.
  • Girls will love the sunnies with the adorable Clucker bag featuring a sweet looking chick.

That’s a cost saving of 14%, hurry, click here.

*Items are subject to stock availability. We will notify you and place an order for you in the event that your choice of sunglasses is out of stock. Hence you can buy the bundle today and receive it at a later date. We will keep you posted and email you once stock has arrived and update you once your order is fulfilled.

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